"A Rant"
July 15, 2004 10:25 pm
Ok, this is my second day of having to take care of bobby's dogs while he and his family is away on vacation. no problem. feed the dogs, no problem. feed the turtles, no problem. give dogs medication, no problem. spray dog with medicated spray for skin, no problem. walk the dogs.... @#($&^%@#$^&%$(&%@(&%*&$#*#@ kind of a problem.

If i take bella out first, i can't take bp, because bella gets so excited i can't get close enough to put the ONE leash on bp. if i take bp out first bella screams bloody murder till we come back.

ok, ok, now i probably should have asked bobby if there is a certain way i should walk them. but... oh wait that's right, I DID!! and he didn't give me any special tips! or any tips! ugh. this sucks majorly. grrrrr. much anger.

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