"Fixed ordering of entries and other various updates"
July 20, 2004 10:20 pm
I fixed the order of entries so they arent being ordered by their id number. they are now being ordered by date. this won't produce a visible effect to you all, but it's a definite difference in how it works.

Jess came home today! *HOORAY!!!* so i am very happy. but i am physically tired. so yeah.

I need to fix the dates to look prettier and not just a timestamp.

Everything finally worked out ok with walking bp and bella. mom helped me walk them and that was cool.

Oh, my new word is "Pshaw!"

I might be getting CSI pictures soo so i might put some of them up. :) it was great fun.

yeah. i'm tired... i think i'll look into the date stuff... yeah...

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From: Anonymous
Yay! *waves hi to Jess*
I've never known quite how to pronounce that. Is it "p'shaw" or "(p)shaw" or "pi'shaw" or what? O.o

From: fimion
we were pronouncing it "p'shaw" in our girly voices and british accents.

From: Gwen
(The first comment was Gwen, who neglected to identify herself. ^^)