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July 29, 2004 8:42 am
Well, I haven't had much time recently to do much on the site. Youth Creates has moved to 7 stages, and I have been busy with rehearsal. Also, school starts soon... FOR EVERYONEELSE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ahhhh, that felt good.

Oh, here's some publicity about youth creates:

I offer you "Youth Creates: Peace", created by the twenty-five students of
Youth Creates, a summer arts intensive at Seven Stages. Their topic was
presented as Global Peacmaking through Performance Art, and over the course
of five weeks they have researched, trained, experienced, visted MLK Center,
the History Center, Oakland Cemetery, viewed refugee art, seen films,
including F911, seen "Times" by YEA, and had to put up and deal with each
others' VASTLY different personalities and backgrounds. They range from age
10-18, no experience to quite a bit, rich, poor, car, no car, broken home,
traditional unit, alternative lifestyle parents, on and on and on.

The show started as a global idea, and it does have global elements, but it
has developed also as a deeply personal journey for the staff and the kids,
and I believe it will be for the audience as well.

They have written their own play, rehearsed it, teched it, designed it,
directed it, and now they are ready to perform, let me just say. It's been
a long, weird, crazy, exhausting, surprising, amazing, frustrating,
rewarding, beautiful experience.

The project is guided by Atlanta artists Heidi Howard, Bryan Mercer, Clint
Thornton, Micheal Tatman, Linda Burgess, Jessica Coale, Melissa Foulger, Joe
Gfaller, Merredeth (whose last name escapes me, forgive me, M.), and the
blessed Mamma YeYe, whom every theater should hire for the light she brings
your space.

If you are interested in the idea that art can cross all boundries, all
labels, all backgrounds, all ideologies and produce something that takes us
higher as human beings, then I joyously welcome you to "Youth Creates:
Peace", running August 6 and 7 at 8:00pm, Seven Stages Mainstage.

Clint, one of the leaders, posted that on the ATML (Atlanta Theatre Mailing List) which is a yahoo group that alot of atlanta actors use to communicate.

Ok, it's getting close to time for me to go, so i'll see you all later. peace out yo!

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