"Stupid CSS"
July 3, 2004 2:39 am
I really need to work on CSS more. I was working on getting 3 columns, and guess what! IT DOESN'T LIKE ME! so i settled for 2. but i added in the spiffy margins on the side. cool, yes? i'm thinking of making the site green on black or pink on black. if anyone who reads this has any suggestions, email me. not that anyone reads this... ever.... *sigh* sad isn't it? i really fucked my social life when i left lakeside. but, oh well. i lived, and i will continue to do so. so yeah. guess it's bed time. night.

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""testing", also "color""
From: Anonymous
pink on black may very well alienate the few who do read it.

"removed the margins"
From: fimii
ok, after further thought i've removed the margins.